Are you torn between Money and Purpose?

The 3 Big Mistakes Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs Make examines most common life purpose misconceptions that result in Spiritual Money Blocks, preventing you from full prosperity and life satisfaction.

E-book from Dr. Ollga Belova: the founder and creator of the Purpose to Profit Quantum Leap System.
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    The Hidden Prosperity Saboteurs

    There are several types of money blocks - each has to be addressed with a specific approach. Spiritual Money Blocks can only we solved through proper alignment of your life purpose. Rush into your purpose and it will burn you out. Learn what to do instead!

    Discover their universal quality

    Mistakes that lead to Spiritual Money Blocks are universal. They have nothing to do with your business acumen, mindset or financial literacy. If you are making these mistakes and still doing well, imagine what you could accomplish if you corrected them. And if you are struggling with money or meaning, you are not alone - many people are already searching for these solutions.

    Prosperity Stories

    It's impossible to write about money and purpose without going into the actual experiences of entrepreneurs who have made and then corrected these mistakes. By sharing their journey, I hope to illustrate that meaning and prosperity are not abstract concepts, they are available to you as well.